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WSJ: Bank Of Japan Joins Fed Club With Global Clout

“I am surprised. This is quite extraordinary,” said Stephen Jen, co-founder of hedge fund SLJ Macro Partners. Mr. Jen never understood why the market doubted the BOJ’s resolve to ease aggressively, but he didn’t predict this collapse in European yields.

“The Fed is always seen as the more important central bank to watch for the implications of its policy on global markets,” Mr. Jen said. Now the BOJ is clearly joining that club.

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Telegraph: Japanese bank governor Haruhiko Kuroda makes history with monetary blitz

“This will be recorded in economic history books as a watershed in central bank action. Investors should be shocked and awed,” said Stephen Jen from SLJ Macro Partners.

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Forex Live: Stephen Jen: Sell-off in USD/JPY doesn’t make sense

I’m just reading some comments from Stephen Jen who was a superstar FX strategist at Morgan Stanley and now runs his own outfit at SLJ Macro Partners.

His track record lately isn’t perfect but he’s still one of the smartest guys out there. In comments to a Dow Jones editor he said Thursday’s Bank of Japan decision could be a positive catalyst:

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